AliMed FLCI - Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory
AliMed FLCI - Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory
FLCI: Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory by Kathryn Bayles and Cheryl K. Tomoeda
  • Evaluates communication in moderate to severe dementia in 30 minutes
  • Use to set treatment goals and develop client management plans and discharge summaries¬†

FLCI is essential for professionals who see moderate and severe dementia patients, the FLCI is a standardized instrument for evaluating functional communication. Easy to administer, this FLCI test takes approximately 30 minutes and requires no special training. Based on years of research, FLCI evaluates a client's abilities in these areas:
- Greeting and naming
- Answering questions
- Writing
- Sign comprehension
- Object-to picture matching
- Word reading and comprehension
- Following commands
- Pantomime, gesture and conversation
Use FLCI to determine a patient's baseline level of function, the severity of the patient's dementia, and their preserved functional skills. Make comparisons of patient performance to performance profiles of other patients at different levels of severity. Information provided by FLCI test results is crucial for MDS reports, writing treatment goals and functional management plans, discharge summaries and counseling caregivers.

The complete FLCI: Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory Kit includes: Manual, Stimulus Book, 25 Response Record Forms, 25 Score Forms, and and Object Kit (comb, pencil, mask) all in a sturdy storage box.

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