AliMed® Stay-Put™ AeroCell Cushion
AliMed® Stay-Put™ AeroCell Cushion
  • Excellent pressure redistribution helps reduce risk of pressure ulcers
  • Never lose a wheelchair cushion again!
  • Cushion attaches to the wheelchair and remains on the wheelchair when folded
  • Cushion is stored right on the wheelchair

AliMed® Stay-Put™ AeroCell Cushions The cushion you can't lose! The Stay Put Cushion attaches to the wheelchair and remains in the chair when folded. Caretakers never have to worry about losing or misplacing a cushion again. The cushion is hinged in the center and is securely fastened under the sling seat using plastic snap clips. When the wheelchair is folded the cushion stays on the wheelchair. Open the chair and the cushion is already there, ready for use.

The Stay-Put AeroCell Cushion offers superior pressure distribution that helps reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Single-valve AeroCell delivers the same pressure to each cell while the dual-valve version enables each side of the cushion.
Includes bulb inflator and Black stretch nylon washable cover with slip-resistant bottm • 2"H • 2-1/2 lbs. • 440-lb. capacity • 2-year warranty

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Stay-Put AeroCell Cushion 16"Wx16"Dx2"H, Single Valve ALI10960
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Stay-Put AeroCell Cushion, 18"Wx16"Dx2"H, Single Valve ALI10961
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