AliMed Cognitive Reorganization, 3rd Ed.
AliMed Cognitive Reorganization, 3rd Ed.
Written By Sharon Holloran
  • A Stimulus Handbook for Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Highly flexible program that includes hundreds of fresh new contemporay stimuli toward memory, attention and orientation deficits
  • Manual includes more than 4,200 stimuli and a reproducible information sheet

Cognitive Reorganization - A Stimulus Handbook, 3rd Edition by Sharon Holloran This completely updated cognitive rehabilitation handbook is now organized into one volume. A highly flexible cognitive rehabilitation program that includes hundreds of fresh new contemporary stimuli toward memory, attention, and orientation deficits. These adult-oriented activities are designed to improve the cognitive-linguistic skills of TBI clients. Includes both cognitive reorganization and practical math. Activities are organized into 10 major headings. The clear print makes it easy for clients to respond. Over 4,200 stimuli and reproducible information sheets.

350 pages, soft cover.

Cognitive Rehabilitation activities in this handbook are organized into ten major headings:

  1. Reality Orientation
  2. Attention
  3. Simple Relationships and Associations
  4. Simple Problem Solving
  5. Abstract Reasoning
  6. Functional Problem Solving
  7. Independent Information Management
  8. Pragmatics in Action
  9. Mathematical Reasoning
  10. Functional Activities

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